our City

We live in Tacoma, WA. Here are some things we love about it.

the Food

There are so many good restaurants in Tacoma. Here are the few we’ve been to that we really love.

  • Pacific Grill
  • El Gaucho
  • Little Holland
  • It’s Greek to Me

the Parks

Tacoma has so many parks, it’s great. Point Defiance (one of the nation’s largest urban parks) and Chambers Bay Park are two of our favorites. Even though we’re in a city, there’s plenty of greenery around.

our Church

New Community Church is great. It’s a church filled with an actual community of believers. We’ve definitely experienced great spiritual growth thanks to what God is doing with NCC. We encourage you to stop by if you get a chance! Get a hold of us if you’d like to come with some Sunday.