A Fantastic Father’s Day

I had a wonderful first Father’s Day. We took Ayla up to Denny Creek – her first real hike! I needed it, it had been a while since I had last been hiking. She did so well she enjoyed the whole thing. She was super happy on the way up, she stayed awake and “talked” to us almost the whole way, poking out of the front pack looking at all the passing trees. When we got up to Keekwulee Falls we took a break and Kristen fed her and we ate some food. On the way down she slept most of the way but was again happy when she was awake.

Denny Creek is a pretty family friendly hike, not too long, not too steep, etc. There were a lot of encouraging families who wish me Happy Father’s Day or complimented us on getting Ayla out hiking so young. I’m hoping this is something we can continue to do with her, and this was a great starter hike!

At the end of the hike when we were getting back into the car, she gave us a treat by entering this hysterical laughing fit – her first time really laughing hard! We stopped for some food and a treat on the way home and relaxed the rest of the night. Here’s a short video compilation I threw together, and a couple more photos afterward. (I should try to use something other than iMovie sometimes to see if I could do a little better job.)