Mildred Point, Finally

The first time I planned to hike to Mildred Point north of Longmire at Mt. Rainier I went snowshoeing with Bruce and we had to break too much trail so we turned around on the ridge after eating lunch. The second time I wanted to get up there Ryan, Joe and I were snowshoeing as well and not all of us were feeling up for the extra ~3.5 miles we saw when we got to the sign just below the ridge, so we turned around and did the loop. The third time I snowshoed with Kristen and the snow was so crusty she was not feeling as comfortable on her snowshoes as she would have liked, so we again traversed the Rampart Ridge Loop. This time I figured it out – no snow!

Peter and I got a late start after church on Sunday, not to be outdone by an accident that kept us stopped on the road before Longmire for another 45 minutes. It was quite an arduous hike even without snow, but well worth it as we were greeted by a gorgeous meadow and a stunning view of a mostly snow-free Mt. Rainier. The hike out gave us a beautiful sunset, which after we hiked out via the light of my headlamp. I hope to do some more night hiking in the future, it was quite fun!

Photo Sep 21, 6 34 45 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 54 50 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 18 57 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 50 09 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 41 41 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 54 18 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 57 00 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 43 59 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 32 39 PM Photo Sep 21, 6 51 54 PM