Who Wants to Go Camping? – Penrose Point State Park

Had a pretty fantastic weekend camping at Penrose Point State Park (only 45 minutes from Tacoma), despite the slightly rainier than desired weather. We showed up early on Friday and immediately set up the tarp and rest of the camp in order to beat the rain. Turns out it rained during most of our setup time and then stopped when we were done, go figure. Either way, we got a sweet tarp set up above the picnic table, and Rich and I got our hammocks all ready to go.

This is the first time I’ve been able to hammock after being married (thanks Jen, for giving my wife a tent buddy!). It’s super comfortable and I kind of like openness of it, not being closed in by tent walls. I’d like to take it along backpacking sometime as well, but I’ve only used it two or three times car camping so far.

Hammocks and tarps

On a previous camping trip, Ryan found a little gorilla guy who we have named Dr. Zaius after the Planet of the Apes character. It’s our new camping mascot and we bring it along whenever we go, just for fun!Dr Zaius our mascot

Kristen and Jen made little fire starters out of lint, wax and egg cartons, so we made sure to let them put them to use this weekend – in fact I don’t think the guys started any of the fires! Good job ladies!Kristen starting a fire

This was Bear’s second camping trip I think, the first was when my parents came to visit – he was just an infant. He had just turned one prior to going to this trip, and he did great (minus a few cry sessions, but what baby doesn’t?)! We loved hanging out with him and he had a lot of fun. We all laughed when he gave us the “Huh?” hand gesture, two photos below.Kristen and Bear having a fun time Bear asking what

We caught enough dryness that the pavement on a nearby hill became barely skateable. Rich, Gabe and I shredded!

Hobo dinners – a family tradition of mine since I could remember going camping. I introduced Gabe and Kimberly to them on one of our early camping trips, and we’ve made them just about every time since I think! This time we had elk meat thanks to Jen and her dad. Super yummy!Gabe with our hobo dinners

Of course, the PH Desserts, which always bring out a bunch of potty humor laughter. It’s OK to be a little immature, right? =)Hobo dinners in the campfire Kimberly laughing

I made a washers game a few years back, and we put it to good use this trip – Rich and Jen had never played but really enjoyed it. I love the look of disappointment on Jen’s face after this throw, classic.Jen tosses a washer Playing washers Washers on the beach

We explored the shoreline and found lots of cool driftwood, rocks, and protruding trees to climb on.The girls walking the beautiful shoreline Overlook on a rock Neat swirls in some driftwood The gang standing on a log

And ya can’t forget the breakfast food. We had eggs, bacon and grilled potatoes. Yumm!Gabe cooking eggs Bacon mmm bacon

Who wants to go camping?