Summer’s Coming

Summer’s coming and I couldn’t be happier. Once the sun is out long enough to get outside after work, I think my happiness level jumps 100%. Things have been quiet around here on the blog, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! We’ve had a lot more fun this winter than the past, which has really helped beat the winter blues. (Not to mention winter here has been pretty mild and warm/dry!) Here are some of the things we’ve been up to.

Photo Mar 09, 10 04 46 AM

A day hike along the Iron Horse Trail in the North Bend area.

Photo Mar 08, 5 11 07 PM

Having fun with a new skateboard – a Penny board, a little short banana board!

Photo Feb 15, 3 11 54 PM

More fun on the Penny board.

Photo Mar 08, 3 29 46 PM

Enjoying some sunny days at Chambers Park, our favorite place in Tacoma.

Fun with the power kite on a super windy day at Chambers!

A little crash and burn, have to make sure I know I’m human. 😉

Photo Mar 02, 12 31 30 PM

Beach fun with the Staves! Greta was so cute!

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 17 PM

Anwyn was so fearless in this one-piece pink suit of armor!

Photo Mar 02, 11 09 08 AM

Jeremy and I were coming up with ways to reach the little “islands” during low tide. This one wouldn’t have worked.

Photo Mar 02, 10 16 41 AM

Some arcade games, I think Anwyn crashed on that turn…

Photo Mar 01, 3 40 48 PM

Kristen reading a book to some comfortable kids.

Photo Feb 23, 6 34 58 PM

Kristen’s mom visited and we went to Rock Wood pizza with Gabe and Kimberly and Bear. Bear was having a blast!

Photo Feb 22, 12 39 44 PM

Kristen’s mom and I were able to visit Parker while Kristen was babysitting him, we had a lot of fun and he enjoyed the company.

We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer. Most of the usual stuff: camping, weekly hiking trips, backpacking, etc. But also my sister and her boyfriend will be visiting! And Kristen and I will be headed to Wisconsin for her mom and Joe’s wedding party, they got married a few weeks ago! After that we will spend some time in St. Joe hopefully enjoying family, friends, and sun. Kristen’s sister Karen is looking to come out and visit a little later in the summer as well! I am likely going to meet up with an old college buddy and backpack The Enchantments for the second time; this trip much more epic than the last, though. Very much looking forward to that. We’re planning on getting another car soon here as well, hopefully one that will let us pack more stuff and people in it to go camping or exploring. =) Well, that’s an update from us, hope you are all doing well!