Hardy Ridge & Celebration Northwest

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out on a hike, so I was excited when the group of us heading down to Celebration Northwest in Silverton, OR decided to get up early to get a day hike in on the way down. We picked Hardy Ridge because it looked like a long enough hike with some rewarding views, and we weren’t disappointed:

We had a great view of Mt. Hood and was able to spot the peak of Mt. Adams – the panorama doesn’t quite pick them up. But the rest of the surrounding Columbia River was beautiful as well. We scrambled up a precarious rock outcropping to take some photos and grab some snacks before heading down. I’m hoping that after our many weekends of camping that we will be able to get out and hike and backpack more.

Celebration Northwest is a conference hosted by Silver Creek Fellowship where all the PNW New Frontiers churches gather to worship and fellowship. A bunch of us from New Community Church camped out on their property, and while we didn’t have a campfire, it was still a lot of fun. There were four great sessions/sermons throughout the weekend where we learned a lot about grace and truth and the Holy Spirit. I came away from the weekend feeling closer to the Lord and with a greater understanding of the importance of balancing grace and truth, especially in interactions with other believers and non-believers alike. I imagine we’ll go again next year.

This coming weekend we go on another camping trip with our good friends the Staves, and the weekend after that is the big camping/rafting trip on the Yakima River that we’ve been looking forward to all summer!