Five Songs Kristen Likes that I Introduced Her to

To put it bluntly, Kristen and I don’t share taste in music. Kristen likes a lot of the music you hear on pop radio stations, and I, well, don’t. There are a few (quite literally) songs that she has grown fond of that I’ve introduced her to.

Manchester Orchestra – Virgin

I heard this song and was immediately interested in hearing what else Manchester Orchestra had. Unfortunately none of the other songs I listened to had the distinct sound that this song had. The lyrics could mean a lot to a lot of people, the title Virgin isn’t used as literally as it might seem. There is a rather interesting and semi-creepy music video that might be worth a watch.

Baroness – Green Theme

Baroness is a long time favorite band of mine. I saw them live for the first time as an opening band for Mastodon in Grand Rapids I believe, and they have stuck with me. Their older records are a little more heavy, but their newest double album has grown on me a lot. Kristen likes the opening track to the Green album, and she probably likes the rest of the album too but doesn’t know it.

Explosions in the Sky – Postcard from 1952

This is a fairly popular band as far as instrumental post rock bands go, and this is a song from one of their newest album, but it’s a solid track. Kristen likes just about all their other songs as well, but this is her favorite. We both like Explosions so much that we almost used one of their songs as our wedding song, but I couldn’t quite convince her, dang!

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Beastie Boys have been around a while. I’ve listened to them a lot, but Kristen never really had. Maybe she heard a single here or there, but their latest album (R.I.P. MCA) is killer. The opening track is full of energy that we both love to jam out to in the car.

Modeselektor – The Dark Side of the Sun

Speaking of rocking out in the car, we love to turn the volume way up on this song and have a mini dance party. I listened to these guys for a little bit but this is the only song that has really stuck with us. We like it for the beat, not the lyrics, which are pretty crude I believe (can’t understand them all to be honest).

Maybe sometime Kristen will write a post about five songs that I like that she introduced me to, but let’s not hold our breath…