Final Days Society

I stumbled upon Final Days Society as I was checking out related artists for the band Goonies Never Say Die on Spotify. I have been listening to them for a while here and I quite like their music. It sounds like a mix between instrumental post rock (with a little singing) and shoegaze. I haven’t ever done a full album review before. It might be cool to do that sometime, but that’s not why I point out this band. The main thing that caught my attention was the gorgeous album artwork (I like their logo as well). It’s funny how design can be such a big part of something’s milieu. Take a look below, but also give them a listen, it’s always fun to find new bands!

The cover for Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair evokes my love of hiking and the outdoors — I want to go to that lake and sit between those trees!

Final Days Society - Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair

Noise Passes Silent Remains is quite a bit different, but evokes the same kind of earthiness, like being surrounded by red fall leaves I would see so often back in Michigan.

Final Days Society - Noise Passes Silent Remains