Week #1 of eating healthy

So it’s been one week of healthier eating.I’m really loving it! It makes me feel better and I’m not constantly feeling guilty about what I’m eating 😛 haha. I’ve also not been quite as tired during the day and my headaches have decreased.

Here are some of the dinners we had last week:

Cornmeal crusted chicken nuggets with blackberry mustard with broccoli on the side. Cheesy broccoli, cauliflower & penne pasta bake. Deviled Egg salad sandwiches. Turkey meatloaf with oven roasted potatoes. I enjoyed them all 🙂

I stuck to it and had red meat only once last week! We did go out to dinner twice and I’m proud that I’ve chosen side salads or fresh fruit instead of french fries which are my weakness! Ben has eaten everything I’ve made but thinks that unhealthy food tastes better. I can agree with that. I’m still very determined to find a healthy meal that he loves.

The armpits still seem stinky but it’s only been a week so I’m hopeful 🙂

Side note, me and Claudia are starting a 6 week workout program tomorrow! I’ve planned out our cardio and strength training and then we’ll end with a cool down and stretching. 🙂 We’re starting with just 2 days/week to start off and see how it goes with our schedules and hopefully we can stick to it and really incorporate it into our every day lives. We’ll be working out at my apartment complex. We’ve got a fitness center here so it’s very convenient.:)

I made a poster today with goals on it for 2012.  I’m hoping that if I see these goals every day, I’ll achieve them! My first category is Health & Fitness 🙂 I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! 23 days to go!