Spring Hiking – Little Si & Rattlesnake Ridge

Well, spring is off to a pretty good start. We’ve been blessed with some nice sunny warm weather (a much needed break from the drizzly winters we have), and that’s given me a few opportunities to get out and hike. Last weekend I hiked with some friends, Patrick and Joe, up Little Si, which is right next to Mt. Si (which Kristen and I have hiked). Little Si is quite a bit easier, but it was Patrick’s first time hiking so we started small. It was still fun, though, because it was so nice out and I was glad to just be outside. I’m also glad we left early because the crowds started rolling in as we were headed back down. I can’t say that’s my favorite, but I’d rather be out hiking than not, so I’ll put up with them while I can.

Here’s a view of Mt. Si from Little Si

The three of us near the peak of Little Si

I like taking these panorama photos with the Photosynth app on the iPhone, and here’s one of Mt. Si just below the main peak on Little Si.

Just today I went out again, this time to Rattlesnake Ledge, with the other two guys as well as Nick. The hike is a bit steeper and a little longer than Little Si, but still relatively short at four miles round trip. Again there were tons of people out, despite us getting there around 9AM or so. Oh well, it was still beautiful, and the view from the top paid off. Here’s a panorama:

Rattlesnake Lake below was just gorgeous. There were a few kayakers and stand up paddle boarders that we could barely see from the ledge.

Mt. Si off in the distance

Here’s the four of us. We shared the ledge with probably 20-30 other people it seemed like.

Nick, Patrick, Joe and I atop Rattlesnake Ledge

Patrick and Joe are hoping to get out most Saturdays for day hikes, and I’m inclined to join them, though I would like to go somewhere a little less crowded. Doubt that’s too possible around North Bend though. Hopefully we can get out on some backpacking trips as a group too, because that’s something I plan on doing again this summer. Hope you all were able to enjoy some nice weather these past few weekends as well!