Our 1 year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! Most people say that the first year is the hardest so we were both prepared for that. In our case, it wasn’t necessarily hard. Of course everything was new and we were figuring things out as we went along, but it was basically just awesome to say the least, haha. I think that we’re mostly so easy going that transitioning into living together wasn’t as hard as it may be for some people. (I have a brother so I was prepared for some things πŸ˜‰ ).

For our anniversary we wanted to do something special but also fun. We reserved a hotel room in downtown Seattle for the night and it was just so spectacular! The staff was very welcoming and when we told them we were there for our anniversary, they sent up a nice note and a complimentary bottle of wine!

Let’s just say Ben drank more than I did, haha. While waiting to go out for a nice dinner, we laid in bed watching movies. Lots of snuggling, which is like a gift in itself for me πŸ™‚

After some movie watching, we got all dressed up and walked to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Parking is a nightmare so we strolled down to the restaurant. It was a beautiful evening for a walk so it was perfect. Ben had a tasty steak and I had this amazing penne pasta in a wine sauce. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? It was soooo good! After dinner we decided to get our favorite lemon-raspberry cheesecake to-go to enjoy later once our stomach’s settled a bit. It’s a good thing we walked to the restaurant! We were able to work off all those calories so we could consume more πŸ˜› It was worth it though πŸ™‚ The rest of the evening we just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company, which was nice to do without all the every day distractions

Check out time was noon so we got up the next day around 10 and got ready to go to the aquarium for some fishy fun! Again, we had already paid for all day parking so we walked I think 16 blocks! We stopped at Starbucks on the way for a cool drink and continued on our way.

Sitting by the fountain enjoying the sun!

When we got there I told Ben that it felt weird going to something like this without kids! Being a nanny, I’m so used to taking children to do stuff like this that it was weird going just the two of us, haha.We saw a lot of cool stuff and even touched some slimy friends. My favorite part was the seals. A couple of them were enjoying the crowd and giving us a little show. πŸ™‚ It was pretty neat.

This seal gave us a little show!

Smelt up above!

Forget what this is called but all of the arms or branches as they were called moved all around. It was cool looking!

This is where the Salmon come to spawn

My stomach was starting to grumble so I suggested that we have some lunch at one of our favorite places. Spuds is on Alki beach which isn’t the easiest to get to. Seattle has a lot of one way streets and it’s still an area we aren’t used to driving in so Ben wasn’t completely on board until we got there. I don’t blame him, we got turned around a few times and it was pretty frustrating. When we did arrive we parked a ways away so we could get in some long boarding! That made the trip worth while for Ben and that made me very happy. πŸ™‚

Long boarding to Spuds!

When we got to the restaurant we ordered our favorite fish and chips and sat down by the beach to enjoy it. Yum! While we were there we gave Ben’s Mom a call to say hi and to tell her that her and Dad could eat our wedding cake since it’s with them in Michigan. We said to have it in honor of us and told them that it would just go to waste if they didn’t have any πŸ˜› I’m still curious as to what a 1 year old cake tastes like. Here’s a nice picture Mom took as she enjoyed the wedding cake. πŸ™‚

We long boarded back to the car and headed back to Tacoma. It was such a nice day that when we returned, we took a nice dip in the pool! It was a nice refreshing way to end a great anniversary weekend. I can’t wait to spend many more amazing years with Ben. I still can’t believe that God has blessed me with such an amazing husband. I am the luckiest girl ever!<3