First Time in Shorts this Year

It was finally warm enough today to take off the pants and don shorts! That’s always an exciting moment for me.

Kristen and I slept in this morning and headed out to Chambers Park (our favorite park) for a little picnic lunch and a lot of time in the sun. When we first got there, the sun was dipping behind clouds here and there, but after an hour it was out in full force.

We like to toss down a few blankets and lay out, doing whatever suits our fancy. I usually bring my longboard and skate the paths around the lower portion of the park. There are a couple of cool spots to do some sliding turns, as seen in this short video below (taken last weekend, when I unfortunately wasn’t in shorts). There are usually a few other longboarders out, who I give the obligatory nod to whenever I pass. Sometimes I’ll chat with them if they seem like they’d want to.

There are also usually quite a few kite flyers down there if there’s even any wind. I had a two-string trick kite since I was in grade school, but I finally ran it into the ground a year or two ago and haven’t gotten another one since. I have, however, had my eye on a line of quad-string kites, made by Revolution Kites. Kind of like this one. Last week someone was flying a quad-string power kite, which is one of the ones that has no frame. I had talked to this guy throughout the day and eventually he offered to let me try it out. It was amazing! The wind was pretty good and the kite was pulling me around. I was able to get the hang of it fairly quickly, though it didn’t look that great. Here’s a little clip Kristen and Claudia caught of me when they noticed I was flying it.

Needless to say I’ll probably be getting one of these kinds of kites soon, and the other shortly after. It’s just too much fun to pass up given the number of days we’ll be down at Chambers Park.

While we were down there today, Kristen and I took a stroll to the “beach.” I put that in quotes because it’s nothing like the beaches I grew to love on Lake Michigan and and even Lake Superior. Lots of large rocks, and no way you’d want to swim in it. There were a few stand-up paddle boarders though (something we’ve done before too), and that looks like it would be fun, but I can’t have too many hobbies, can I? We decided to take a couple funny photos while we were down there. I took a few panorama’s too.

Fat lips

Weird tongues

Eating Kristen's face

Picking Kristen's nose

Anyway, that was us having fun today, hope you were able to have some fun too!