Catching up since February

I haven’t posted in SO long so I was thinking I should write about something… anything. Where I left offΒ  last time was the post about the “stinky pits” and changing my diet. Well, to catch everyone up to speed on that, nothing changed and that was the month where I felt the worst! I stuck to the diet pretty well but once the 30 days were over, I was back on the red meat. πŸ™‚

I felt good for the first week or so and I don’t know if I was sick or what but I had headaches just about every day along with neck aches, and lots of sinus pressure. February was not fun for me at all! And as far as the “pits” go, they still reek…Here are all of the deodorants I’ve tried and still nothing has really worked πŸ™

I'm using the Arm and Hammer and so far so good. We'll see!

Another crazy happening that month was the ant attack. Ben and I were in the hot tub one night and my arm started to sting a little and by the time I got inside, it looked like I had a rash! By morning it was all bumps and itched like crazy! I I guess ants like to hang out around the pool and hot tub (and we’ve seen them) so I knew that’s what it was. Check out the aftermath…

There were many tiny bites in each red bump

My friend Janice, who is a nurse, made a baking soda concoction to help stop the itching. I had it wrapped up for at least 3 days before it was tolerable. I wanted to chew my arm off!

Me and Mom at Chambers Bay πŸ™‚

March was looking better and better. My Mom came to visit from Wisconsin. She stayed with us for about 4 days. We went to some of our favorite places: Pacific Grill for happy hour, a walk down at Ruston Way, bocce ball at Chambers Bay, a night stroll to the glass museum, church, and a trip to Seattle πŸ™‚ It was a fun filled 4 days but the end came too soon. It was sure nice to have family around πŸ™‚

After Mom left, our friend Alan was in town for a short visit. One night we were all kind of bored and didn’t really have any ideas of what we could do so Alan had the brilliant idea of going to Fred Meyer and finding the ugliest hats we could find, haha. Well, as you will see, we went above and beyond that challenge πŸ˜›

Alan doing whatever I tell him to πŸ˜›

This last picture is one of MY challenges πŸ™‚ I convinced him to try on a woman’s heel for a picture. Alan, is probably at least 6’3″ so it wasn’t easy findingΒ  anything his size. He ended up squeezing into a size 9! Oh, and he now knows what a footie is. LOL! I joined him and tried on a man’s shoe! It was a fun night πŸ™‚

Things settled down for us after our company left. Since then we’ve been dealing with the rain and gloom and failing miserably at our “winter of purposeful fun”. We thought this winter would be different and that we’d conquer the depressing days but we haven’t really. πŸ˜› With me having limited work we haven’t been able to go snowboarding (which would have helped for sure!), or do many fun activities because of our budget. I’m happy to say now that I have another nanny job and that hopefully things will get more exciting around here πŸ™‚ If it doesn’t, at least it’s spring and summer is sure to come!