Camping on Camano Island

We’ve been having enough of this Tacoma winter, so we decided to go camping, regardless of the weather. It ended up being a pretty good choice because it really only rained while we were sleeping, save for some sprinkles during the day. Ryan and Claudia tagged along with us to enjoy in the fun. I think we all needed the outdoors time away from computers and everything else.

We decided to head up to Camano State Park Friday night. We knew we would have to set up in the dark, but two nights is so much better than one night when camping on a weekend. I’m glad we went up on Friday. It was about a two hour drive. Kristen and Claudia drove our car and I rode with Ryan.

I bought a big 12′ x 20′ tarp to protect from the rain. It took a little ingenuity but Ryan and I got it set up quite nicely; taught and slanted enough that rain wouldn’t build up too badly on it. We warmed up around the camp fire Friday night before we turned in around midnight. I’ll let the photos do most of the story telling.

Ryan climbing some trees to set up the tarp Friday night

Celebrating a successful camp setup with some fire-heated chocolate chip cookies

Here's what our camp looks like, with the uber tarp keeping us dry

Saturday we went on a trek to find the beach and play some bocce ball. We ended up walking well out of our way, practically getting lost, before we found the beach. But it was a nice hike anyway. The beach was a little too rocky to play bocce ball, but we had fun walking along it back to the camp site anyway. Later in the afternoon we set up the slack line, but those pictures have somehow been lost.

Kristen and Claudia with bocce balls as we look for the beach

Random shark toy and shell we found on a tree during our walk

Fairly funny sign

So suave

Ryan tossing stones

Kristen looking like… a sailor? I dunno.


Kristen and Claudia enjoying the beach

There was some bull whip kelp on the shore. That stuff is always fun to play with.

Ryan tossing some kelp around like Indiana Jones

There was also a pretty cool root system from a tree that drifted ashore. It looked like a Venus Man Trap so I had Ryan pose inside it.

A Venus Man Trap!

Inside the Venus Man Trap

Someone built this, Ryan's just squatting for a while


The cliff below the campgrounds

The girls were grossed out:

Banana slug

The gang at the picnic table, preppin' some pizzas

Kristen made pizzas on the stove on our last rock climbing adventure, so we wanted to make them again. We haven’t perfected it yet — the bottom is always burnt — but they taste delicious regardless. Might need some better cookware that spreads heat better or something.

Yummy stove-cooked pizzas.

There were zero s’mores consumed this trip, which is a camping travesty, I know. I made up for it by roasting quite a few marshmallows even though no one else did. I love these things.

Strangely enough I was the only one to eat marshmallows this whole trip

We left Sunday with some action holding us up. Ryan’s car’s battery had been drained Friday night from keeping the head lights on while the girls set up the tents. Ryan asked some strangers if they had jumper cables, and they did, but we couldn’t get them to work! Ryan’s battery actually ended up more drained after we tried for 10-20 minutes. We drove ~20 minutes in to town to a Napa to pick up jumper cables and a battery, but they didn’t have the battery. We drove a little further to an O’Reilly’s to pick up the battery. We got back to his car and it started up immediately with the new cables. Must have been bad jumper cables the first time. We cooked up some hot dogs and finished packing up and headed out, returning the battery on the way.

All in all it was an excellent camping trip, and a needed one. We’ll be doing a lot of camping this summer so if you’d like to join us, let us know!