Camping at Bay View State Park

Two weekends ago Kristen, Ryan and I headed out to Bay View State Park for a weekend of camping. We got great weather and an area of the campground with no one around, so we were able to set up the slackline and play washers in the adjacent campsites. The area is pretty beautiful, minus the two factories across the bay that were spewing steam the whole time. Got some good kite flying in too. I should have posted this earlier, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time here, but I’ll post some photos!

Our new Nemo tent, we loved it! So very spacious with some cool features. Hope to be able to test it in some rain sometime soon. =)


Making some kindling for the fire. Knife needs to be sharpened though!


Us during the sunset.


Beautiful sunset the night we arrived.


Kristen with some trendy new jewelry.


Kind of a new tradition, bake yummy chocolate chip cookies beforehand, heat them up in the fire.


Ryan making scrambled eggs Saturday morning.


Ryan cooking breakfast.


Me makin’ bacon.


Ryan cookie, yum. We each had about 4-5 of these over the course of the weekend!


Me resting the kite on Kristen’s hand!


Resting the kite on the picnic table, hah.


Ryan wanted a turn!


This was an epic game of washers. I was down by a lot and casually said “I’m going to come back by sinking this one,” and then proceeded to sink two in a row. I won that game.


Our new camping mascot, Dr Zaius. Ryan found him but he’ll come with us camping from now on!


Ryan slacklining.


Kristen trying her hardest not to just sprint across the slackline!


Ryan balancing.


Even an amputee can slackline!


Kristen slacklining some more.


Kristen and Ryan playing washers at the campsite.


Kristen and I in this sweet fallen tree we found along the shore.


Sexy pose #1


Sexy pose #2


Sexy pose #3, hello


Sexy pose #4, ok I was having fun with this.


A caterpillar.


Another sexy pose, #5, look ma, no hands!


Kristen having fun in the tree.


Ryan rubbing his nips? I don’t know.


Ryan sexy pose.


Kristen being birthed. By me. Weird.

Here’s Kristen having fun on the branch in video form:

The start of something beautiful. Thank you mom and dad for teaching me about hobo dinners! We tried pineapple this trip and it was amazing in there!


Kristen rolling up her hobo dinner.


Ryan assembling the goodies.


Almost done!


Just a shot of the trees near our campsite.


YUM! Success.


Ryan’s out after dinner.


The secret art of log stacking in a fire.