Bandera Mountain Hike

It was nice to do another challenging hike after Granite Mountain, except without the storm. This time Kristen and I went with Patrick and Erica. I think four people is about my ideal hiking group size. This was both of their hardest hikes so far. I was hoping they would be motivated enough to do something like this so they know they can expand their hikes outside of the very popular North Bend area (though this isn’t much farther past that). The parking lot was pretty packed as Bandera is a popular hike, but it wasn’t too bad once we got on the trails. We started hiking in some beautiful woods that eventually became quite a bit steeper. Once we were out of the woods we crossed a talus field and then began the arduous task of climbing up little mini switchbacks that were basically steps of granite. It was fun though, you could see all the other groups doing the same thing in the big open meadow-y area. I took a few photos along the hike, like usual, so I’ll let those do the rest of the talking since it’s kind of late and I’d like to get some sleep. =) I’ll start out with a cool panorama, I really like these. Hope you enjoy!

This was the first switchback turn. About half of the trail went straight across the mountain without any turns.




Entering the talus field








One patch of snow along the trail


Hiking up the ridge to the summit



A look down from the summit


Enjoying the top of the mountain




We got a little sun on this trip!


Part of Mason Lake was still frozen over




Took one at the TH after the hike