Adventure Day with Claudia

Claudia is that friend who will do just about anything with me, which I love! What are best friends for?! We go shopping, out to eat, movies, bowling, and once in a while we’ll get the urge to do something “crazy”, as she calls it and we’ll go on an adventure!

Adventures in our past have included searching for different rose gardens, taking a spontaneous trip to Portland, and just playing tourist. Well, this past Saturday Claudia said she wanted to do something “crazy”. I asked her what that meant to her and she said “Let’s go find a waterfall!”. We were off!

We tried to find a place sort of close to Tacoma and ended up about an hour away in Snoqualmie to view the Snoqualmie Falls.  Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington state’s most scenic attractions hosting a 270 ft waterfall. It was beautiful!

Have you ever said to yourself “It took me a long time to make this meal and only 5 minutes to eat it!” Well, that saying is very similar to how we felt about our adventure.  It took us 1 hour to drive to the falls and we viewed it in a matter of minutes, haha. It was also cold and rainy, so that didn’t help. We tried to drag our time out there a bit longer to make it worth the trip so we took a few fun pictures and visited the gift shop.

After that I said “Let’s go play tourist in town while we’re here”. (Especially since it took us 2 seconds to check out the falls 😛 ). Of course, Claudia was up for it, so we headed 1 mile back into town.

We saw some trains so we parked the car and noticed it was a railway museum. Our first instinct was naturally to climb all over the trains and take some pictures!  We walked around the area where all the trains were parked and then noticed signs all over saying “Please stay off the trains for your safety, staff only!”. Oops!

"Tickets please!"

"All Aboard!"

Watch out everyone, it's my first day 🙂

This is safe, right?

We pushed onward and found a bookstore near the museum that was open so we poked our heads inside to get out of the rain. Working there was an older man who looked like a conductor, haha. We could tell that he must not have gotten many visitors because he certainly was chatty! We started talking about the weather and I found out that he has been in my home town in Michigan! He was quite the character. He told us that we could volunteer to drive the train in the summer. “It’s all volunteers who do the tours, he said, except you might have to wait at least 1 year, because you need to be at least 21 years old”. Haha! When I told him I was 25, he laughed and started twisting his long mustache! We chatted for a bit longer and then he suggested we eat at a place known for their coffee, burgers, and pies! Twede’s Cafe.

Still can't believe they make PB&J Burgers!

We drove to downtown North Bend in search of this good food. We were hungry from our fun day and we were told that Twede’s had over 50 different types of burgers! Here’s a picture of Claudia’s Chicken Fajita Burger. Oh ya, and bottomless fries!

Claudia could barely keep her burger together! And she used like 50 napkins 😛 Haha


I got a cheeseburger and all I have to say is YUMMY! That sure was a good way to end a great day! 🙂 We’re planning another adventure this Saturday…Hee hee!