Taking Our Engagement Photos

May 7th, 2011. After a long rainy Washington winter, the weather finally cooperated enough for us to do our engagement photos 🙂 Our close friends Gabe and Kimberly were so very kind and took them for us which was a huge blessing! We started off the photo shoot on some of our favorite walking trails at Pt. Defiance. I personally love the look of the tall mossy trees and branches. The one good thing about rainy weather is that it makes everything so green! My favorite color 🙂

We both felt a little awkward at first getting our pictures taken because it had been quite a while since we were in front of a camera. I’m thinking senior pictures, haha. We warmed up quickly and really started to have fun! It definitely helps when you’re with friends, it just brings out your natural smile and laugh and that always makes for a great picture and memory.

After we got a few shots on the trails, we went off to Owen beach. The great thing about Pt. Defiance is that is has all these great areas in one place. We didn’t have to travel far to get a change of scenery. It was a little windy and now the sun was coming out so we had to wait for cloud cover, if you can imagine! I heard Ben say something like “It’s not often that I want the sun to go away, but now would be a good time!”

Next was Camp 6 where there were parts of an old train and some tracks. We had a lot of fun being creative with our surroundings and by now we were pretty comfortable with the whole picture thing, and even suggested different poses that we wanted to try!

We then moved on to take pictures by the pond 🙂 After waiting in the car for the rain to stop, we got some great shots! We weren’t the only couple getting our pictures taken that afternoon! Gabe had some competition with another photographer that was actually getting in some of our pictures by accident, haha. That made for some good laughs.

3 hours later and we were wrapping it up. Wow did the time go fast! We ended by some cool looking buildings in downtown Tacoma and officially ended with a trip to Starbuck’s 🙂 What a fun day! Thanks again Gabe and Kimberly for doing such a great job!