List of Day Hikes and Backpacking Trips

One of the reasons we run this blog is to document our lives. Most people probably don’t have too much interest in our lives, but years down the road I’m sure we will enjoy revisiting these posts. New-age scrap booking, I guess. Hopefully memories will be jogged and much reminiscing will occur. This post is a list of all the hiking and backpacking trips that I (Ben) have done, and some small details associated with each. Where possible, I’ll link to appropriate trip reports or photos. I’ll try to add some photos to those that don’t have any reports; I’ve got ’em somewhere. Newer trips up top. If you’ve been on any of these hikes, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Alta Mountain & Rachel & Rampart Lakes

  • Date: September 25, 2017
  • Hiked with: Brad
  • No trip report

Took the day off work to do a, for me at least, strenuous hike with Brad. I felt like I needed to get outside. It was a glorious hike, we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we were socked in up high so we missed out on the 360 degree views off Alta Mountain.

Spray Park

  • Date: August 6, 2017
  • Hiked with: Adam and Mike M.
  • No trip report

Typically when Adam comes out we do a three to four day backpacking trip, but this year that wasn’t to be. But at least we were able to get out on a day hike I had been meaning to do for quite some time now – Spray Park in Mount Rainier. His brother Mike was able to come along with and we enjoyed sunny (albiet a little smokey) views of the meadows and Mt. Rainier. Absolutely beautiful.

Perseverance Lake Trail

  • Date: May 12, 2017
  • Hiked with: Aaron G., Wes S., Bo N., Nick A., Alastair M., Pete C., Trevor O., Tom S.
  • No trip report

Aaron took us on another Alaskan adventure. After the Juneau flight booked up pretty quickly we changed plans to visit Ketchikan. After we landed we drove out to thet trailhead for the Perseverance Lake Trail. The hike was quite beautiful and reminded me of many of the hikes that I’ve done in Washington. We stopped at the lake and enjoyed the beautiful mountain views – some snow at the tops of most of them. After some food and hanging out we turned around and headed back. Quite a fun hike and the rest of the trip as well!

Paradise to Reflection Lake Snowshoe

  • Date: December 12, 2017
  • Hiked with: Aaron G.
  • No trip report

Whoops, I hadn’t entered this hike yet and this was one of the most exciting ones this past year! I took Aaron on his first real snowshoe trip. I had originally intended us to follow the Skyline Loop Trail as closely as we could, but when we got up onto the ridge but when we got up onto the ridge somewhere South of Sluiskin Falls we collectively decided to loop down to Reflection Lakes which, we assumed, would probably be a little easier than trucking it up to Panorama Point, which was towering above us. We headed South on Mazama Ridge enjoying the beautiful snow and after some fun route finding out of gullies, we made it to above Louise Lake and then eventually to Reflection Lakes. We exhaustingly hiked the snow-covered Stevens Canyon Road out to Paradise Road where Aaron didn’t feel up to going any longer. So I trucked on ahead up a trail that I thought would put me back out on Valley Road but actually dumped me out right in the Paradise parking lot. I got in Aaron’s truck and went and picked him up. We were both pooped but boy was it an exciting trip!

Mildred Point

  • Date: December 3, 2016
  • Hiked with: Brian M
  • No trip report

Took a friend from work on a snowshoeing trip up to Rainier. Longmire gates weren’t opened when we got there so we took off from Longmire for a trip out to Mildred Point… which we didn’t quite make because Brian ran out of time and we had to turn around within a mile of it. This may be attempt number four or five of making it out there in the snow. So at least I have another reason to do it again in the winter! Needless to say it was still good to get out and fun, and quite the workout breaking a lot of trail once we got up onto the ridge line – no one had been out there that day and we only ran into one person on the way up. Fun!

Twin Falls

  • Date: October 8, 2016
  • Hiked with: Dad
  • No trip report

Got to go out for some fresh air with dad and take him to Twin Falls. He hasn’t been up that direction in Washington yet, so it was nice to show him the area on the drive out there. We had a great weather hike, the trail wasn’t too too crowded, and a nice bite to eat at North Bend Bar and Grill on the way home. Very fun!

Devils Dome Loop

  • Date: August 4-7, 2016
  • Hiked with: Adam
  • No trip report

Oh boy! What is hopefully a yearly tradition, Adam came out to the Seattle area and we underwent quite a hefty backpacking trip around Jack Mountain. What a beautiful area! I am definitely returning to Diablo and Ross Lake for more adventure or fun. Adam and I had quite a challenge on this hike as the up and down was brutal, along with 10+ mile days. The first night we stayed at Devils Camp and it was gorgeous but super buggy. The second night we stayed on top of Devils Dome Peak and it was chilly but gorgeous with 360 degree views of the Cascades around us. The third night we stayed at May Creek, although we were hoping to stay at Rainbow Point. I’m hoping to return some time and camp at Rainbow Point, perhaps with the family. Anyway, we had a blast! I’ll be back to the Pasayten for sure.

Big Log Camp at Staircase

  • Date: July 7-9, 2016
  • Hiked with: Brad, Jeremy
  • No trip report

I have been to this area quite a bit lately, see my last three hikes… Anyway this time was at least a backpacking trip with a friend and his son. We stayed two nights at Big Log Camp and on Friday day hiked up to and past Camp Pleasant, as well as went searching a bit for Darky Mine, though I believe the waypoint is off. It was forecast to be quite rainy but it ended up just the occasional drizzle. We had a good time around the fire and exploring the river. But I think I’m done with Big Log Camp – next time I’m in the area I’d like to visit Flapjack Lakes or one of the slightly more challenging destinations.

Mt. Ellinor

  • Date: June 13, 2016
  • Hiked with: Emily, John
  • No trip report

Took Emily and John, her boyfriend, up Ellinor. It was John’s first real hike, and it pushed both of them quite hard, but they enjoyed it a lot. We ran into two mountain goats about a mile into the hike from the lower trailhead, much to our surprise. We saw many more, and an adult and a kid followed us around a bit at the top as we tried to move away from them. Lots of fun glissading on the way down, through some slushy snow. It was warm out but we did run into a little snow precipitation at the top.

Big Log Camp at Staircase

  • Date: May 13, 2016
  • Hiked with: Ryan
  • No trip report

Ryan had a vacation day so he came down to do a hike with me. We planned on hiking to Big Log Camp and setting up some hammocks to lounge for a while, and making some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Well, I forgot the grilled cheese things so all we had to eat were eight granola bars. But we did set up the hammocks and took a little snooze and sat down by the river and explored a bit. I really enjoyed the hike as it wasn’t difficult (that was the plan) and it’s rare that I spend a couple hours at the destination to just relax.

Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainier (partial)

  • Date: April 25, 2016
  • Hiked with: Martin
  • No trip report

Martin came to visit this weekend and we drove up to Mt. Rainier on Monday to do a snowshoe trip. I had planned on us doing the entire Skyline Trail up to Panorama Point, but that was a bit ambitious I think, Martin hasn’t done a ton of hiking/snowshoeing let alone in the mountains. We ended up doing a smaller loop that cut across just below Panorama Point and we had a great time. It started out sunny which I’m thankful for so Martin got a great view of the mountain, which we hadn’t gotten all weekend from Tacoma yet. We got a little socked in as it started to snow, which is interesting to think about in the scope of getting lost on a snowfield, but we weren’t far from the common route up to the point so there were plenty of tracks to follow on the way back. A great trip and I can’t wait for him to return so we can do more!