Emily Visits Washington

Emily came to visit in early March of 2011, during her spring break. Kristen and I had hoped to go backpacking with her, but Kristen ended up getting sick right before we were going to leave, so Emily and I went without her (the backpacking trip was a major reason Emily came out, we had to!). We were hoping to spend three or four days on the Hoh River Trail in the Olympic National Park, but when we got to the ranger station in Port Angeles they told us there was probably three to four feet of snow covering the ground. We didn’t have snowshoes, so we didn’t feel like post-holing our way along the trail. (Still planning on hiking that trail at some point though!)

Our backup plan was a coastal hike near Lake Ozette. The Ozette Loop is a 9 mile triangular shaped loop. Two sides of it hike on boardwalk through the woods, and the third runs you along the Pacific coast. Each side is about three miles. We ended up taking the southern edge to the shore, and continuing south along the beach. Hiking in sand is rough! So is scrambling over super-wet and slippery logs!

Emily Visits Washington

Despite having tide charts, we got off schedule due to being stuck in certain places during high tide. We couldn’t get as far as we wanted to on the first day, and we ended up staying in camp on the second day because it was getting dark out by the time the tide went down (we slept in too late, whoops!). It rained off and on, but we built a little shelter out of a piece of plywood that was there.

Clothes hanging on a clothes line

We tried to dry out our clothes but it was so damp along the coast that it didn't work too well. They dried out faster by just wearing the clothes.

We woke up super early on our last day in order to beat the tide, which worked fairly well. Unfortunately in the woods it was cold enough for frost to have formed on the boardwalk overnight, so we were slipping left and right. Luckily no injuries!

It was great to have Emily around the rest of the week, too. She made us some yummy dinners, and we were able to take her to one of our favorite restaurants, Pacific Grill! I hope she can come out again soon.